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Shane 2014Shane Jiraiya Cummings has been acknowledged as “one of Australia’s leading voices in dark fantasy”. Aside from writing the Yokai Wars series: Circle of Tears, Clockwork Legion, and Blight of the Underworld, Shane is the author of the dark fiction books The Abandonment of Grace and Everything After, Shards, the Apocrypha Sequence (Deviance, Divinity, Insanity, and Inferno) and the Ravenous Gods cycle (Requiem for the Burning God and Dreams of Destruction). He is the editor of many anthologies and magazines, including the Amazon bestselling anthology Rage Against the Night.

Shane has been a qualified martial arts instructor, with black belts in Iga-Ryu Ninjutsu and Sports Chanbara. He was also the New South Wales and Australian Chanbara Grand Champion. The name Jiraiya (lit. “Young Thunder”, after the legendary ninja Jiraiya) was bestowed upon him in his youth by Ninjutsu Grand Master Kazuo Crando Saito.

Shane was born and raised in southern Sydney, Australia. He lived for many years in Perth, Western Australia and Wellington, New Zealand, but he has returned to his old home town to revisit the ghosts of his past.

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The author discusses writing Circle of Tears, Yokai Wars Book 1

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