Kaidan and YumiIn a Japan that never was …

The land is fractured. Samurai clans and their ninja allies war with one another for supremacy. In this time of chaos, creatures known as yokai have returned to reclaim their domain from humanity. Monsters that even the gods fear now stalk the land. Horrors from foreign shores seek to plunder Japan. Only a small band of heroes stand against these threats.

History will remember this dark period as the Yokai Wars.

The mystical yamabushi order of mountain monks is Japan’s first line of defence. Yamabushi Kaidan and his sparrowhawk companion Tsubasa are the guardians of the remote Autumn Valley. Kaidan’s young friends are Akio, a novice priest but a gifted healer, and Yumi, a skilled but untested warrior eager to prove herself in a man’s world. Together, these companions are Japan’s best hope against the yokai.

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Book 1: Circle of Tears

Nine heroes stand against an army of yokai!

Driven by their hatred of the gods and humanity, a cabal of yokai generals known as the Circle of Tears—under the leadership of Sentoryu Hachiro, the Great War Dragon—has returned from legend to devastate the land. Yamabushi Kaidan and Tsubasa lead a band of heroes and a ragtag army of samurai, warrior monks, and ninja against overwhelming odds. Yumi’s obsession to protect her home and test herself leads her down a darker path, while Akio’s kindness is used against him, with catastrophic consequences. With the fate of the Autumn Valley and all of Japan at stake, Kaidan must make impossible choices—and sacrifices—to save the people he loves.

Book 2: Clockwork Legion

An army of Tuscan clockwork soldiers invade Japan!

Heartless, soulless machines built through Da Vinci ingenuity and controlled by dark Arabian sorcery force feuding samurai warlords to set aside their differences before Japan is plundered. Yumi’s quest to become the Kensei, Japan’s most skilled warrior, brings her into conflict with the legion’s Tuscan masters and Oda clan allies. Kaidan and Akio use their influence to bring bitter rivals the Tiger of Kai and the Dragon of Echigo together to lead Japan’s defence. But in war, nothing is certain, and when the invaders’ sorcery goes awry, Akio, Yumi, and Kaidan stand to lose everything.

Book 3: Blight of the Underworld

The gates of Yomi are thrown open and the dead hunger to extinguish all life!

The world is plunged into darkness and the primordial goddess Izanami, Mother of the Underworld, has escaped Yomi to seek revenge against all life—gods and humanity alike! The greatest generals in Japan’s history lead the goddess’s horde of undead minions. In the years since the invasion of the clockwork legion, Yumi and Akio have become respected leaders, and under their banners, the fractured clans of Japan unite one last time. In the face of desperate odds, the heroes turn to an old, powerful enemy for help. Even with gods and monsters on their side, can Yumi and Akio survive the onslaught of death itself?

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